All international students enrolled with a New Zealand education provider are covered by the Ministry of Education’s ‘Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021’ also referred to as The Code.
This legislation outlines the expected practices of tertiary providers when enrolling international students, and responding to the distinct wellbeing and safety needs of international tertiary learners. As well, the level of care that must be provided to international students while they live and study in New Zealand.

Covid-19 – Managed Isolation and Quarantine

The New Zealand government announced on the 28th February 2022 that fully vaccinated eligible travellers to NZ will no longer self-isolate.  Travellers will still be required to have a negative pre-departure test and undertake two Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) on arrival, and at Day 5 and Day 6.

We would also like a copy of two RATs taken two days prior to your arrival at Avatar Institute.

This means that you will need to find interim accommodation for the first few days of your stay in New Zealand, and that you cannot arrive on site of your shared accommodation until four days prior to your CAP course commencing.

For further information see:

Please refer to the Ministry of Health website for regular updates:

Please follow MIQ advice on

Covid 19 – My Vaccine Pass

In New Zealand you now need to use a Covid 19 My Vaccine Pass to access certain services, places and events. For information on how to obtain a pass, view https:/


For information on New Zealand visas click here

For information on the Critical Purpose Visa required to study/work in New Zealand click here

New Zealand Employment Information

If you are considering working whilst you study in New Zealand, check the necessary requirements first. Use these links for information, and to know your rights and obligations as an employee in New Zealand:

Employment Rights and Obligations – New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand Study/Work – New Zealand Immigration

Employment New Zealand


All international students must have appropriate insurance before arriving in New Zealand that covers all of the below items:

  • The student’s travel – to and from New Zealand; and within New Zealand; and if the travel is part of the course, outside New Zealand; and
  • Medical care in New Zealand, including diagnosis, prescription, surgery, and hospitalisation; and
  • Repatriation or expatriation of the student as a result of serious illness or injury, including cover of travel costs incurred by family members assisting repatriation or expatriation; and
  • Death of the student, including cover of travel costs of family members to and from New Zealand; and costs of repatriation or expatriation of the body; and funeral costs.

Avatar recommends Uni-Care’s New Zealand Student Plan. Uni-Care is a division of Crombie Lockwood and provides insurance packages specially designed to meet the needs and requirements of international students in New Zealand.  Avatar provides students with Uni-Care’s information on their NZ Student Plan.

Another option is Orbit Protect.

Student Support

Louise Cummings is the contact person for international students:

Here’s a snapshot of life as an international student at Avatar Institute of Learning! Many thanks to Avatar graduate, Zara Zudaya for her video creation.